Georgia on my mind

Up until a month ago, for me, Georgia was just a small country glued to the southern slopes of Caucasus Mountains, moderately known, most notorious as the homeland of comrade ჯუღაშვილი (troll allert!) and the home of the Georgian Tea. Recently also known for the Russian invasion and taking away parts of territory, and that was, basically, it.

And then, through mysterious and even more chaotic ways of the Net, this came onto my screen and, consequently, into speakers:

You’ve probably seen it; it became one of the viral hits in October. And it had every reason for it: beautiful voices, beautiful appearance and, most of all, beautiful music.

So I started researching.

It turns out that Georgians can be proud of probably the oldest tradition of polyphonic singing on Earth. There are some specifics regarding the scale and frequency ratios that I won’t go into right now, but what turned out to be the consequence of all this was very rich and deep culture of music. As I clicked on through YouTube videos, I became enchanted by the sounds that will take you into the ancient past of civilization, and even before civilization, the Dawn of Time itself.

And then I stumbled on something else: Georgian modern music. Naturally, with such rich tradition, the present can’t fail, but what I found here left me paralysed in my chair. It was a recording from a gathering of a few friends, recorded either by a hand-held camera or a mobile phone. No amplifiers, no mixers. Just a guitar and a voice.

The name, ladies and gentlemen, is Salome Tetiashvili. Remember it.

As a friend said elsewhere, this should be the illustration next to the term “voice” in an encyclopaedia. As I said elsewhere, a voice that can tear down walls and that you simply wish to hear more of.

For some strange reason, while “Apareka” managed to become a hit with over a million visits, this one is still below 100k which I consider to be an injustice of historic proportions. So please click, sit down and listen some more. It’s worth it.

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