The Forever War

There are dozens of hard-core scientific papers proving that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives. Many aspects are measured: adapting to changed circumstances, vocabulary, various types of cognition, and the conclusion is inevitable.

This makes somewhat clearer the phenomenon that a lot of time in elections the population turns out divided very close to the middle. Politicians gravitate toward the average and if you take an average person, by definition, half the people will be more stupid and half will be more smart than him. And let the revels begin.

The left vs. right conflict is just one branch, a battle specific for a particular area in historic space-time. But the real war, since the dawn of time, has always been smart vs. stupid.

One of the two newest incarnations? Brexit.

Taken fresh off Twitter, personal testimonies:

Brexit…well interesting conversation today. Colleague “I voted leave, we should get out now!” Then said ”I’ll be alright I’m going to retire to Greece”. What will you do for health care, pension etc I said. Stunned silence.

Twitter exchange yesterday. Brexiter: I voted leave to stop FoM. Me: But that means you’re taking away my right to FOM. Br: You’re not stupid enough to think you won’t be free to travel in Europe are you?

Me: Why do you think it will still be easy for us to live/work/study in the EU, if your intention is to make it harder for other EU citizens to do the same here?
Brexiter: Blame the EU for not allowing you to do that.

Had a similar discussion with older couple. Refused to accept that Brexit removed that right; convinced that *they* will still have full FoM, because a) they’re British, b) the government will “negotiate a deal”.

Met a few of those. 25 year old voted leave then in next breath was going to live in Paris next year.

I asked a proud leave voter what the impact would be on her daughter who’s just bought a house in Denmark. She replied ‘oh I am sure they checked it out beforehand’ yup in August 2016 it was all so clearly defined.

I have had this conversation with 2 dif brexiteers but neither could see that it would alter things for them, both heading for France

My father and mother-in-law live in Spain and voted Brexit. They were very indignant when his pension dropped in value by €200.

It’s painful isn’t it? Arch Leaver Bill Cash has apparently realised his grandkids live in Spain and needs to make sure their EU rights are protected. Hypocrisy or plain stupidity?

Said the exact same thing to a Leave voting friend. He wants to spend the Winters in Spain on retirement. He hadn’t considered that for an elderly person private healthcare is pretty expensive.

My son was in year 6 at the time of the vote, and one of the lads in his class told him, “My dad is voting to leave coz it means we get all the fkin pakis out!”
This was an 11 year old boy.
It’s also worth pointing out, that his Father has not only never worked a day in his life (he does cash in hand house clearances) and has fathered 14 children, the first 10 are with various women,the last four with his current partner, who also hasn’t done a days work. I’d hazard a guess the “pakis” he wants out, pay his dole with their taxes.

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