Chronology of Decay: A Textbook Story

The world is filled with stories about how short-sightendess and short-term self-interest can cause disaster and decay of once functioning systems. However, the one published by BBC – and, to make matters worse, describing things happening on a continental level – is amazingly blunt and straightforward, showing how collapse out of sheer neglect and high-level stupidity can have drastic and widespread consequences.

This is one of those texts that cause a deep and overwhelming feeling of sadness over the condition of human mind and the depths human spirit can fall to. It couldn’t have been simpler. It couldn’t have been clearer. And yet, it happened. On a scale that can’t be called anything else but epic.

And the worst thing of all is that not many will learn from it, even those further to the west.

Will Central Asia fight over water? by Rustam Qobil

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