Migration Period and Grey-Road Walkers

We are witnessing an event of epic proportions that, as is usual in history, has no immediate solution. Nobody knows of any. So, in these extraordinary circumstances, let us at least try to do as few things as possible that would identify us as non-humans and which would make the future generations ashamed of us. As long as they are here, let’s not stand in the way of grey-road walkers.

Dražen Ciglenečki
Grey-Road Walkers
Novi list, September 20th, 2015 A. D.

Apart from this epic conclusion, the text is mostly tied to daily political events. The title is taken from a song by Azra, a cult Croatian rock band from the ’80s, that is amazingly fitting today.

A rough translation by me.


I started for Vienna to find my lass
Didn’t know what to do, went for the first time

Cold as ice, killed by hopelessness
Cold as ice, killed by hopelessness

Austria, a hard land for walkers on grey roads
Class peace and other trinkets, stagnant backwater

Old Vienna, a good name she has, a pretty name known by all
But girls in the streets are no good
And the cripples are frequent and a usual thing
And I said, God, save Österreich

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