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When you read a sentence that makes a “click” in your brain and you know that it is the Truth; not a notion that someone constructed to describe reality so well that it fits perfectly, but instead, simply extended his hand and picked it out of thin air, because it has been there for a while, in plain sight, and it simply waited for someone to look at it from the right direction to uncover and share with everybody else.

Austerity is not eight years of spending cuts, as in the UK, or even the social catastrophe inflicted on Greece. It means driving the wages, social wages and living standards in the west down for decades until they meet those of the middle class in China and India on the way up.

The Guardian: The end of capitalism has begun by Paul Mason

The Greek Job

(or: No war between loan-sharks, no peace between debtors)

The current crisis in the European Union is perhaps the greatest in its history. It is also exposing flaws in the basic principles of capitalism, one of them being that it degenerates into chaos whenever it is allowed to ramble on without the strong intervention of political bodies. At the moment, the main battle line in the Greece Affair is whether the Republic should honour its obligations to its creditors to the letter, or whether there should be some leeway in repayments.
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Part One: Before the Nation

While communicating with a Ukrainian friend through e-mail, she wanted to know more about Croatia and Croats, being from a country currently going through something similar to what Croatia went through twenty years ago. Keeping in mind that I’m completely the wrong person to give a neutral account of a topic like that (being overly critical, unpleasantly sarcastic and generally negative and, most importantly, not a historian or anything related) I decided, what the hell, if I’m writing something like that, why not make it available to others, too?

So here it is: my version of Croatia’s past and present – and my argument as to why there is no future. Use at your own risk, do not quote as a source, Wikipedia is much more reliable. Seriously. This is just a personalised composition that may serve as a starting point for someone interested in researching further.
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…is a mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.


A Few Notes on Ukraine: Lessons from Croatia ’91

* While working on this text, a very interesting piece came out with a very similar comparison, only from a slightly different angle and the analysis made by a trained professional who is familiar with some other, more specific details. I seriously advise checking it out.

** A huge thanks goes to Ben Peake who, with his comments, suggestions and advice, helped to brush up this text significantly, both regarding its form and its content.

Even at a first glance the similarities between the war in Ukraine in 2014/15 and the war in Croatia in 1990-95 are striking, with many political, military, ideological and, most of all social factors in common. These near-identical aspects should be compared and analysed, not simply for academic purposes, but also because they give a glimpse on how events may progress in the future and may provide practical clues about how to influence events.
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Death of the internet middle class

There have been fears, there have been warnings, but now that the soft brown substance has finally hit the ventilator, let’s take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture – actually, the biggest one – is that one of the best ideas in the history of humankind – if not THE best – is in danger of dying from strangulation by bureaucracy.

There are dozens, probably hundreds, possibly even thousands of texts on the internet supplying reliable data[1] so I’ll just continue with my summary and assessment.

As of January 1, 2015 any internet business is obliged to calculate and pay VAT to the buyer’s country, in the amount dictated by that country,  even if said business isn’t located in the EU.
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Breaking the Kyklos, part 2

Dynamic systems are a bitch. They are, well, dynamic, consisting of many parts and are, very often, unpredictable. For example, one of the things that falls into this category is called “society”. Sometimes we want to predict how a society will behave under certain conditions. We know that guessing it accurately is impossible. However, sometimes a discussion about the dynamics can be helpful, especially if we want to obtain a certain result. For example, a stable and advancing society.

I have already pinpointed some inherent problems with the system called Democracy. I also noted that replacing it with something else is not the preferable solution. So let’s see what else we may have at our disposal.
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