The Forever War

There are dozens of hard-core scientific papers proving that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives. Many aspects are measured: adapting to changed circumstances, vocabulary, various types of cognition, and the conclusion is inevitable.

This makes somewhat clearer the phenomenon that a lot of time in elections the population turns out divided very close to the middle. Politicians gravitate toward the average and if you take an average person, by definition, half the people will be more stupid and half will be more smart than him. And let the revels begin.

The left vs. right conflict is just one branch, a battle specific for a particular area in historic space-time. But the real war, since the dawn of time, has always been smart vs. stupid.
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Hanlon again

Probably everybody can find an example from his own surroundings, but the one I will describe here is the one most appalling that I’ve encountered.

A few days ago a Facebook page Croatian History Portal (“Hrvatski povijesni portal”) – connected to the homonymous web page – went down. The reason for this was that the Facebook algorithm found that the published images of Hitler, Mussolinni, Ante Pavelić (the local variety of the former) and some others do not conform to the Facebook policy of “non-promoting hate-speech” or whatever they called it.
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The Steffen Manifesto

This looks like an eye opener and a game changer. I’m inclined to shout “Game over, man, game over!”, but I’ll leave that for some other post (the title “Relocation, Separation, Isolation, Amputation” has been crying to be used for far too long anyway). And it does have the properties of a Manifesto so maybe spreading it around isn’t such a bad idea.

A tiny bit of background: even though Alex Steffen is a prolific writer, this particular thing came from his Twitter account. Relatively brief, considering the topic, and painfully to the point.

I care deeply about rolling back this tide of fascism, racism & corruption, and building far more just, honest & fair democracies for everyone. This is the time for that fight.

That said, I have never been more worried about another, larger threat.

Our planet is in crisis.

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Chronology of Decay: A Textbook Story

The world is filled with stories about how short-sightendess and short-term self-interest can cause disaster and decay of once functioning systems. However, the one published by BBC – and, to make matters worse, describing things happening on a continental level – is amazingly blunt and straightforward, showing how collapse out of sheer neglect and high-level stupidity can have drastic and widespread consequences.

This is one of those texts that cause a deep and overwhelming feeling of sadness over the condition of human mind and the depths human spirit can fall to. It couldn’t have been simpler. It couldn’t have been clearer. And yet, it happened. On a scale that can’t be called anything else but epic.

And the worst thing of all is that not many will learn from it, even those further to the west.

Will Central Asia fight over water? by Rustam Qobil

-FNORD- Trump! -FNORD-

A tidbit I wrote on a small bacwater forum, then realised it makes sense and why not put it here, copy/paste is cheap these days anyway.

I’m inclined to go with Jim: “There is a little bit of me that says, let’s do it, let’s see how crazy shit can get!” Trump is not a presidential candidate nor a person. He is a symptom of a diseased system that has entered a new phase of swallowing its own tail. If he loses, there will be another after him because the causes that created The Trump did not stop existing. It will be the same as with Bernie Sanders: instead of learning from their mistakes and understanding Sanders’ popularity as a consequence of their failures, looking at them and trying to repair them, the Democrats took Sanders’ defeat as a proof that they were right all along and will continue on their old track.

Until a new Sanders and Trump come in and get even more support. The only issue will be which one of them will be victorious. But either way, the system ends there and then.

And no, I’m not inclined to believe that Trump is going to start a WWIII. He is Putin’s buddy, they will drink vodka and sing together and Putin is going to bring in some nice Russian ladies to the party and make Donny feel good. Yeah, CIA will collapse because Vlad will get all the confidential data he needs and American operations all over the world will collapse or fall into Russian hands, but somehow I don’t see that as a necessarily bad thing. As for USA, it may turn into a hellhole, but what many don’t realise is that USA is already a hellhole for many of its citizens. What I find funny is that many humanitarian organizations feel the need to go to Africa to help hungry black people, while they don’t realise that, if they want to help solve Third World problems, they can also start with their own suburbs.

But yeah, I don’t think Trump is going to win. This time or in this body anyway.

“EU funds money is cruel money”

One of the most renown “small” observatories in the world with the education centre attached – the one in Višnjan in Istria – is going to keep existing, although it was a close call. After a few years of shutting programmes one after another due to lack of funding, local counties came to their senses and realised the tourist potential of the whole educational centre. More information should be published soon; in the meantime, the Croatian version of the text is here, but what is sticking out of the whole case are a few sentences spoken by the observatory and educational centre’s founder and manager, Korado Korlević, where he addressed a wider issue: EU funds being handed out to scientific, cultural and other NGO projects.

“We have seen that this is a very cruel money, that, in the end, it boils down to violence of administratively stronger inflicted upon the weaker. We have also witnessed that the government services in Croatia, instead of helping out, just wait for you to make a mistake and then issue a fine and ask of you to return the money you received. You write projects, you struggle, you wait for the funds for two years, and then someone demands that you return 10 percent because you didn’t do everything according to the 600-page manual. We decided it was best if Europe and the state keep their money. I can’t ask of the girls who work here to go through this administrative violence, to be on edge and unable to sleep throughout the week when they are writing projects and reports. No country should do this to their citizens.”